2021 Lucky Birthday Ranking + 3 Years 【 Updated 】

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2021 Lucky Birthday Ranking: Unfortunately, 2020 has been a difficult year for us, but no matter what, there are ups and downs in life because this is the name of life.

If your birthday hasn’t got a good ranking in 2020 then no matter what happens, it’s done now let’s see if your birthday in 2021 got a good lucky ranking or not?

The information on the 2020 Lucky Birthday Rankings came from a Japanese blog.

So then let’s look at the Lucky Birthday Ranking of 2021 and find out how our birthday rank has come this time?

We have divided the lucky birthday rank into two parts, in the first part we have told which are the birthdays whose rank has come on top in 2021.

In the second part, we have shown the lucky birthday colors of the last 3 years.

Then without further delay let us see how good and bad luck has been for our birthday in 2021.

2021 Lucky Birthday Ranking – Part 1

This picture shows the ranking of the lucky birthday of 2021, in which you can very easily see the rank of your birthday.

2021 Lucky Birthday Ranking

If you do not see this picture clearly, then please try it by double-clicking on this picture.

If you try to see the picture by doing this, then you will see things clearly.

2021 Lucky Birthday Ranking – Part 2

These three charts have been made on the basis of 2019, 2020, and 2021.

January to April

2021 Lucky Birthday Ranking

May to August

2021 Lucky Birthday Ranking

September to December

2021 Lucky Birthday Ranking


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What Is Lucky Birthday Ranking

With this, we get an idea of ​​how lucky is our birthday or our family’s.

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