How to Get UC at Low Prices in BGMI?


In the whole world pubg mobile India have gained lot of fans and base uses. In 2020 this game got banned in India, due to some reasons. Therefore, in 2021 in order to not to loose indian users this game got partnership with Krafton.

From India only it receives a large amount of traffic and earnings. This game is too much addictive that any person who plays it for the first time can easily get addicted to it. Currently, BGMI has over 16 million daily activity user from only India.



In order to satisfy such a big user base they offer a ton of customization options including skins, a great inventory, outfits, emotes, characters, and even pets. On Each new event they keep on offering new crazy cool vehicles, weapon skins and outfits to their large user base.

Since, these all inventory items are too much attractive but are not available for free. A user has to spend their real money in order to get an Unknown cash called as UC to make a purchase of these attractive items available in BGMI. 



There is a lot of craze among players to shaping their inventories. The main reason for that the streamers who create a lot of impact on the users. As, their inventory is full of premium items which influence people to buy these all items. Well, we can also get this UC for free but for that you are required to perform a lot of unnecessary stuffs. To avoid them, You can purchase UC at low prices in BGMI. In the following article we will go through each and every possible ways to purchase UC at low cost. 

What is UC in BGMI?

In simple terms a UC can be defined as an unknown cash, a virtual currency, which is need to be purchase with real money via online methods. And this UC can only be spent on the available items in BGMI such as battle pass, clothes, accessories, crates, vehicle skins, gun skins, prize and more. You can use this UC only in game and can’t get refund also. 

How Can You Buy UC in BGMI?

Making a purchase of UC within the game is a pretty straight forward task. In the following article you will get to know that how can you buy UC in game through BGMI. The steps to buy UC in BGMI includes:

  • Open the BGMI app in your device.
  • Now look into your BGMI account, if your account is already logged in then no need.
  • Look at the top-right corner of the lobby you will find an icon named as UC, tap on it.
  • Now, you will find some UC package options, choose your preferred option then tap on it. 
  • After that you will prompted to Google’s Payment Service Page, here you have to fill the details of your Credit/Debit Card, UPI, or Netbanking details.
  • After performing all these steps your payment will be done.
  • Once the payment is done, you should re-start your game in order to find the UC which you have purchased. 

How to Purchase UC at Low Price?

In the following article you will go through the method to purchase UC at low cost, which will require you to use a third party app named MidasBuy. It is a top-up center where you can buy UC at low prices. This third party app is widely known for handling the in-game purchases for BGMI and PUBG Mobile. It is a top-up centre for of popular music, videos, video games and other forms of entertainment. At this platform players can avail many offers and discounts to purchase UC at low cost. If you still don’t know about UC then we have already clear about it above in this article, that it is a virtual currency which can be used by players to make in-game purchases which only works in the game. Let us go through all the required steps to get UC at cheap prices which are as follows: 

  • Create an account on the Razer Gold website, by entering all the required details. 
  • Razer gold, which is a virtual credit platform purely made for gamers. On this platform they wil ask you to purchase Razer gold, which can be spent by you with a number of partners to avail exciting offers, promotions, and earn Razer Silver.
  • Now, follow the two-step verification and then proceed to add money by using any of the wallet such as Google pay, PhonePe, PayPal, UPI, Paytm, etc. 
  • After, that visit the official site of MidasBuy. 
  • Now click on the icon representing BGMI, then a popup page will appear on that it will ask you to enter your BGMI ID you can also choose to enter Facebook Id to which you BGMI account is linked with. 
  • Select the region, from which you belongs to. 
  • Now, Fill the number of UCs you wish to buy, tap on icon representing the “Purchase” Button. 
  • Now make the payment by paying razor gold. 
  • After the payment proceed, you can check your BGMI account to find the UC which would be credited to your BGMI account. 

How to buy UC in BGMI without Midas Buy?

Another, way to buy UC at low prices without using MidasBuy is also available. For that, You can purchase it via in-game purchase option through the Google Play Store which is available within the game. But, as compared to MidasBuy it will be slightly costlier for you.  


BGMI is a very popular and addictive video game available on the internet. There are multiple methods to get UC for low price. But, there are also higher possibilities that your account may get hacked. So, in order to avoid that we have given you some relevant and safe method to get UC at low cost in BGMI. I hope that this article was helpful to you. If you require more information then you can also vist our other blogs. In the end, I would like to thank you for visiting our site. 

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